NTEGRA II, AFM and Near-field nanoimaging.

Maitai HP Spectra-Physics femtosecond oscillator laser

nano-second laser 

some other CW laser with different wavelengths

GMW dipole electro-magnet, 45 mm

Optical microscope:

Picoharp 300, dual channel

Time-correlated single photon counter (TCSPC), time-resolved PL measurement, single photon emitter characterization, quantum sensing measurement.

A pair of PDM single photon counting detectors

Motorized angle-resolved polarization magneto-nonlinear optics. 

Department of Chem and Biochem facilities:


Bruker Avance III 500 MHz Spectrometer

Bruker EMX Plus EPR Spectrometer

JEOL 300 MHz Spectrometer

UV-Vis absorption spectrometer

Spectro fluorophotometer RF-5301pc- Shimadzu


Ion trap mass spectrometer

Instrumentation Repair Shop

Chemistry Stores

Department of Physics, User Facilities

SEM, EDS, and EBSD Images  Instruments | Microscopy | USU 

Photolithography ndlEquipment (usu.edu)  

E-beam lithography